The secret to avoid "unwanted" eating!

Who's hungry?  I'm starving!

If you're anything like me, I'm hungry 70-80% of the day.  I'm a constantly active person.  Whether it's dancing at rehearsal, taking a yoga class, or sitting at an office desk doing brain work, we use a lot of energy.  All that energy needs to be replaced, and that's why we eat, to fuel our bodies!

Okay, fine "duh!" you all know this already. But the big question comes when we ARE eating 3 meals a day and yet we are STILL not satisfied.  It's a common worry of people who are new to changing their diets (including myself).  "I just don't feel like the food is satisfying my hunger).

Here are a few questions (and answers) that you should be asking yourself about your eating:

1. Am I eating the right foods to support my daily activity?
The more active you are, the more minerals and protein (yes protein), you will need.  But don't think that having 1 dish is going to satisfy a craving, you need them ALL.  A grain, a protein, a few vegetables, AND leafy greens!  Bottom line, eat a complete meal 3x a day.  

2. Am I absorbing my food/chewing enough?
Can we take a minute here people?  No one wants to see you shoving food down your mouths.  Chew Chew Chew!  Make it a routine.  Take a quick second before you eat and be thankful for the food that is sitting before you. You might be overeating because you're body is still thinking that it hasn't got any nutrients yet (even though your vegetable stir-fried rice bowl is empty, along with your cauliflower salad, and steamed yams).

3. Maybe I'm eating one thing, but craving something different.
Pay attention to your cravings!  If you're suddenly desperately wanting that cookie sitting next to your desk, maybe it's because you didn't have enough sweetness in your meal.  Desserts are important!  Make them fresh and healthy.  But let's be honest, if its just that 1 cookie that's going to settle your craving, DO IT GUILT FREE!

4. Beware the comfort foods!
Or, maybe you really don't want that cookie, but you're so stressed about the overdue assignment that you turn to the cookie to make you feel better?  Yes, we've all been there.  I've even been where it's not just 1, or 2, or 3 cookies....  Next thing I'm asking myself is "why did I do that, because I feel like crap!"  

5. Don't let yourself get TOO hungry!
Be aware of how much time passes between meals.  Did you skip breakfast this morning and run out the door thinking that you were going to eat your breakfast on the train and then realized you forget a fork/spoon?  Oh wait, that must have been me.  Immediately when we are starving, we start picking on snacks or whatever is accessible to us.  I'm not going to say I was almost tempted to stop in the bagel store which I was walking pass.  Why? Because it's easier!  Right?  Wrong!  I was just too hungry to think about the consequences.  So, if you need help avoiding those pressures, make a deal with yourself.  Go back to your desk, eat every food that your brought with you to work, and then if you're still hungry, you can go to the bagel store.  

Turns out, you're never hungry after a good meal =)


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