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Macrobiotic Counseling Package

1. Individualized Macrobiotic Counseling from 20 year expert, Virginia Harper

2. Two instruction classes 

Day 1 - Introduction
  • I will design a 1 month menu which will be specifically for you and your condition based off the program Virginia Harper has designed for you.
  • I will personally take you shopping and introduce you to new foods, and make the best suggestions for you in the kitchen. 2-hour time slot
  • I will come into your home to help you re-organize and set up your kitchen, in to make this transition as easy as possible. 2-hour time slot
  • I will provide one-on-one lesson plan to teach you the basic macrobiotic philosophies and principles on food energetics and how we can adapt these methods to our own daily lives. 1-hour time slot
Day 2 - Food Preparation
  • I will return on a separate 4-hour day to show you how to prepare some of the basic, and most important, dishes on your month's menu plan. 
  • I will create 4 weeks of guided menus/complete meals and recipes designed around your condition to give you a "kick-start" on your journey.  This is one of the most important tools to learn in order to take control of your health.  Each menu is planned based on your own personal schedule.
3. One month of coaching and follow up
  • I will be available for support and guidance through this challenging time.  Each week we will have planned catch up with guidance and adjustment.  You'll be able to reach me for coaching, cooking guidance, and recipe suggestions.  
Contact me to discuss complete package pricing macromarinelli@gmail.com

Private Cooking Classes
If you feel like you need more guidance on more advance cooking, these classes would be perfect for you.  Invite friends, and make it a party!  The more the merrier.

Class structure will be designed around your own condition and personal style of food.

- Individual (1 person) - $95 for 2 hours
- Couple (2-3 people) - $55 each person for 2 hours
- Group Class (4 or more) - $35 per person for 2-3 hours

Want to get your friends involved? Organize a 
group of 5 or more friends for a cooking class,
and you can come for FREE!

Private Chefing
If you need even more guidance or having struggle preparing meals on your own, I'm happy to cook for you.  Schedule TBD based on availability and service needed.
  • Have your meals prepared for you from the convenience of your home.
  • Focused on nourishing you where you need the most guidance. 
$50 per hour + cost of expenses
(Will travel At Additional Reimbursement)

Personal Fitness Training
Fitness is an extremely important part to your health. 

Using dance, Yoga, Pilates, and strength training
techniques, I can help you look as great as you feel!

One-hour session - $30


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