WRAP It Up!: Lunch Help For Those On The Go...

 I can't tell you how often I get asked: 

What do I bring with me to lunch?
What do I give my child to take with them to school?
How do I make time for lunch with my busy schedule?

Here's my answer:  WRAP IT UP!

I work with a lot of people who barely have time in their busy lives to cook one meal a day.  Because I can't convince them to change their patterns of living, I try to teach people to work with the best they have.  That means working smart!  When you cook that one big meal a day, be sure to make lots of left overs!  Left overs will be your best friend <3 p="p">

Remember the tempeh I made earlier this week?  Well here is the leftovers for you.   I pulled together some white rice, added some avocado, and dressed it with a little mustard or veganese (either or both, whatever you like) and wrapped it all in a spinach tortilla.  So yummy!!!  This dish will last a few hours out of the frig, so it's perfect to throw in a lunch bag and bring to the office or school.  

So, let's call this my WRAP IT UP segment...hoping to post more inspiring wraps each month.  Stay tuned!


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