Round me up some Fried Tempeh!

 "Smells like McDonald's and taste like heaven!"

Here is one of my secret little tempeh recipes:

Soy tempeh (but you can use any flavor)
Extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil (for deeper frying)

Pre-soak the tempeh with a large sheeting kombu and dried shiitake mushrooms. It should soak for a good hour. Save the soaking water!

Cut your tempeh into slices and fry in oil on both sides until crispy golden brown. Set aside.

Dice up the sheet of kombu and your shiitakes into stripes. Add all back to frying pan and include the soaking water. You want enough water to just about cover the tempeh. You're going to also add your shoyu and mirin seasoning. Be generous. Cover and cook for a good 30-40 mins or until all the water is absorb. Flip half way thru and re-season.



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