Standard American Meal... Adjusted!


Before you read any further, please note that there is meat in the following dish.

Okay readers, so I'm not 100% vegan.  There are the rare occasions (and by rare I mean once every 3-6 months) that I get the "standard american diet" craving too.  After all, unfortunately this is the stuff I grew up on so there are still that underlying urge that exists in my cells.  

But all that crap aside, who says this meal can't be beneficial for you AND there is a better way to digest it. I thought for a while whether I wanted to post this, and than thought, OF COURSE! This is exactly what people need to know to not be afraid of making changes.  So here is goes:

Open Faced Burger
Mac N Cheese

Open Faced Burger is made with Grass-Fed Local Ground Beef (this is the most important ingredient!)
Topped with Sauerkraut, Avocado, mustard, and sauteed mushrooms
served over a whole wheat toasted slice of bread (who needs the other half?)

Mac N Cheese is "Annie's organic macaroni and cheese boxes (I know yuck).  But I did use Earth Balance for butter to make it creamy, and be sure to not over cook the pasta. Of course there are much better ways of making a delicious vegan mac and cheese but for this night, it's what was called for.

Side Salad - did I say Salad? I actually meant steamed collard greens topped with grated (raw) diakon.  Sprinkled with some lemon to neutralize the bitterness.  This is the MOST important dish!!  The diakon and greens will actually help break down animal fats and proteins in the body!  So you better pile them on the dish.

I promise you, if you want to do a back yard summer BBQ and entertain people with the best choices, follow this guideline and you'll be feeling nice and energized, instead of bloated and uncomfortable.

For you meat eater's out there, ONLY,  feel free to try it! ;)


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