Hello Chicago! Ready for a brown rice 'mock' risotto?

Hey Folks!
Took off on a little trip to the mid-west.  First stop Chicago!

Cooking up some afternoon lunch with Markobiotic Chef....Marko!  (Yup, that's spelled correctly)

Sauteed Kale and Squash with mix herbs.  Brown Rice Mock Risotto.  Sauerkraut.
Try this recipe on for size:
Brown Rice Mock Risotto

Left over brown rice (short grain)
Diced leeks
Radishes and tops
baby mustards
sliced almond
dulse flakes
xtra virgin olive oil

Saute in oil in this order: garlic, squash, radishes, leeks.
Add the left over brown rice and sliced almonds and work into vegetable mix.  Might need to add more oil.
Add the radish tops and baby mustards.
Add the dulse flakes.
Dissolve hemping few table spoons of veganase in a little water and whip.  Then add to make mock risotto.  You need to stir constantly to cook flavors and absorb all fluids.  Texture should start to get creamy.

Tastes best when sits for a while (with flame off) and even great the next day.

Try it!! Happy Cooking and Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Have you ever tried using millet in place of risotto? I read about doing this the other day and vowed to try it (but have yet to do so)! It sounds like it could be really tasty!


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