4th of July Spring Rolls!

Before Frying...
After Frying...
Me so happy...

This was my 1st time making my own home made spring rolls. And you know what...they are so EASY TO MAKE!

Inside Ingredients (Keep it Simple):
Cabbage (finely chopped)
Carrots (finely chopped
Salt (to taste perfection)
Pepper (optional)
Optional Additions: Mushrooms, Corn, Seitan

Saute up all ingredients in a large frying pan with some extra virgin olive oil.
Use Eggless -Eggroll wraps. Lay them out so the point is facing towards you. Place just enough of your stuffing in the middle. Fold both corners inwards, then roll it up like a tootsie-roll. You should end up with a triangle point on top. Wet the tip with a little water so it will stick together before frying. When you fry them, you want to fry 1st the triangle side point down. This way your roll will stick together.

Try it! Let me know how they turn out!


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