A Load of Cows Crap....

If you ask me, this article that just was published on Times.com is a load of crap! Cows crap!

I love how Simon Fairlie is more up to date on research held against his odds, then info defending it.

I love how he quotes numerous times, that meat can be good "in moderation." Sounds like the commercial for High Frutose Corn Syrup.

I love how he mentions that cows can be feed grass! You know, food that humans can't eat. Sounds like a great idea! Why don't you give that a try.... ... ... ...

I love how his final argument is that killing animals for food is the "right thing to do". Actually, I really have no comment on that.

And lastly, I love how sarcastic this entire post is. Except for the adorable photo of the 2 cows kissing, this article is a "moo point." Get it? Ha Ha.

Alrighty folks, here's the honest truth. I CAN'T say I'm a complete vegan. I do believe that in moderation (and very little moderation) that grass-fed, farm raised, local cows, can potentially be beneficial for some people's health. It all depends on quality and quantity and the individual's personal living condition.

I CAN say, that the process in which animal meats are manufactured are completely hurting our environment, and according to this article, I have yet to be proven wrong.

Just some Food For Thought...


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