Cutting Back for the Season

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Here's a question I recently got about how to handle your condition during the season change. Excellent question! I thought I would share my answer with you all.

Summer to Fall can be a difficult time for many people. Going back to school, weather getting colder, no more summer vacations, etc. But for those of us who have a weakness in the Lungs and Large Intestines, the challenge becomes much greater.

You've all read my story of how I had to suffer flare-up year after year and they all took place around my Birthday (which was last week). Reasons being are related to the 5 Elements. As the weather drops, our energy drops, as well as the areas affected in our bodies. Stay tuned for winter where we hit kidney, bladder, and reproductive organs....

Back to the question I received, what do I do to handle this time challenge? Well, the first step is to prepare in advanced. During mid August we should have started changing our diets to a more hearty, strengthening type of meals. Not DRASTICALLY, just maybe introducing some winter squashes, cutting back on raw foods, switching from long grain to med or short brown rice, and paying attention to how you're feeling.

I know were already in October and your probably panicing "but I didn't do any of that!" Well chill need to panic its never too late to change.

Here are some specific questions I received:

What's the story on probiotics?

Probiotics are extremely important in the body when it comes to balancing out the good vs. bad bacteria. We need these microorganisms to help us with digestion. Especially those who have digestive diseases, take your probiotics daily! Always on an empty stomach, never mix with anti-biotics, and take at least 30 billion bacterias per dosage (or there's really no point).

Do you get by when cutting back on food, stress, etc?
You have to know your own body. You are the only person who will know your limitations. "Listen to your gut" as they say. If you need to get to sleep an hour earlier, skip a social outing, or go out of your way to prepare a healthy dinner tonight, it will be worth it! Your body will thank you later.

Do you take any other supplements to help with Flare-ups?
I don't take many supplements however, here are a few I would suggest. Aloe vera juice is extremely healing for the intestinal wall. It actually helps your cells regrow. L-Glutemine can also be very beneficial when it comes to repairing the intestinal lining. Don't forget your probiotics of course. And lastly, I do take the occasional liquid vitamin. When I know I haven't eaten enough veggies or minerals during the week I will make sure my body has some to work with.

How do you handle drinking alcohol? What's better, straight liquor, beer, or mixed drinks?
Reality check. If you are having an illness at this time, you just should not be drinking. It will only induce the symptoms you are having. Alcohol breaks down in your body like sugar and will be acidic. Would you really pour alcohol on an open wound? Ouch!!
During a time when you are not fighting an illness, I do find that Red wine or Saki are the best for tolerating. Straight Liquor has too much sugar and beer has a lot of yeast (which directly feeds inflammation).

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Happy Fall!


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