Hummus...I got the Hummus...

I'm traveling to Philly this morning in desperate need of some type of healthy breakfast and guest what guys....

Sabra's got Hummus To Go!

I'm really not one for marketing ploys, but it's these cute little packaged cups. One for hummus and one for pretzels to dip. If you haven't figured out I'm a little Sabra obsessed. Its like my weakness and I swear I try not to have a container more than once a week ;)

Only complaint, they give you a nice portion of hummus and so not enough pretzels. :/

Problem, what do I do with this delicious hummus left and nothing to eat it with?

Food for thought?


  1. How I wish I had seen this when I was recently traveling! It's so hard to find Crohn's-friendly food in an airport. I will definitely keep an eye out for these. Thanks for spreading the word! -- Liz H.

  2. I like to balance it out with some baby carrots. If you're on the go, there are snack-sized bags of those that go really well with hummus.



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