A "sexy" Macrobiotic Diet?

As I opened my mailbox today, this magazine popped out at me. It's ECA World Fitness's newletter. For those that don't already know, this is where I became certified as a personal trainer. Right there are the front cover was the article "A Macrobiotic Diet: Is This For Me?" Wow!!! I got so excited! The fitness world is starting to put two and two together! I ran up to my apartment to read the entire article (posted above).
Not even half way through the article I started to think, this is a total let down. It talked clearly about the what macrobiotic is based on, a "long-life." The writer quotes George Ohsawa to believe "that simplicty was the key to optimal health." He also talks about the yin and yang in foods and how we need to eat a balanced diet, which is great. But then he makes sure readers are aware that there is no scientific evidence that a macrobiotic diet will reduce breast cancer. Mood kill. He gets very specific on the types of food that should be avoided and the most common foods that are usually found within the diet. All true and important information, but just reading it I was thinking "who in the world would want to do this?" If I wasn't convienced...the average read won't be either.
Where's the "sexy" in macrobiotics? Why do all people focus on is how we "avoid" this food and that food. Why isn't anyone focusing on the amazing rewards you get from living this way? Aside from the amazing amounts of energy you have and the peaceful set of mind, how about the physical rewards? The glowing skin, shiny color hair, and the ablity to control your weight without worrying about calories. If macrobiotics means eating for a great life, athletes, dancers, and everyone in the fitness world would be especially interested in learning more. To put an article like this in a fitness magazine, I'd want to know about how this diet can allow me to complete the marthaton I've been training for, give me the body I've always dreamed of, give me the strength and focus to win a competition. Does anyone else agree with me?
Macrobiotics should not be represented as a diet with restrictions and limitations. Only those who are healing from diseases (caused by imbalances in their bodies and from the environment) do people need to worry about restrictions. Don't you think George Oshawa would encourage people to have a little fun!
Here's to adding some glizy and glamour to a "great-life." Help me bring sexy back...to macrobiotics!


  1. We are bringing the sexy to the macro world!!

  2. Thanks for posting the article, it was a very non sexy write up of the macro diet. I wish they'd called it something like "body sculpting from the inside out" and like you said in your post focused on which foods to add to your diet to fuel a better fitness performance. That might have served their readership better. It's not clear if the author has tried the diet or not.
    Having energy is definitely sexy & that's what this brings.

  3. Thanks for you comments! I really like your idea of "body sculpting from the inside out." That sounds like something I would listen to. Thanks and hope you keep reading!

  4. Hey Marissa! You should send that blog entry to the magazine. They should hear your thought....you nailed it on the head. Hope all is well! xoxo

  5. Marrisa, I've been a fitness buff for over a decade (yes using caffeine and stimulants). Well, my girlfriend recently introduced me to macrobiotics. I love it. BUT! Is it possible to maintain an athletic lifestyle while living macrobiotically? I get hungry between meals like crazy, and lost tons of muscle and strength doing macro for the brief periods of time that I have. Is there a way? Or is this diet simply for people looking to prevent or reverse major illnesses? One thing i will say is, I loved the skin glow for sure. I felt amazing. But I felt incredibly weak. I would love if there was a way to live this way, and grow or maintain athletic muscle mass too.

    Thank you so much for any response!

    my email is xenonce AT gmail dot com.

  6. Never tried macro! Would give it a go and hopefully it works for me! Thanks a lot!


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