Rice Balls

Hey there World Travelers!

Everyone seems to have caught the travel bug these days (including myself). I find one of the most common questions asked is "how can I travel and eat good food?" Train, plane, or car rides can be long with only cheap fast food restaurants near by. One of the best quick and easy meals to take on the road are RICE BALLS! ....(and I don't mean the way the Italians make them.)

Fast, Easy, and Long Lasting. These little guys can fill you up and give you the energy to keep going throughout a long day without throwing your body out of wack. I never leave home without them. Whether it's hiking a mountain in Alaska, or road triping to Canada, be sure to pack some.

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Cooked (leftover) brown rice
Nori Sheets
Umeboshi Plums
Optional: Almond Butter

Make your brown rice as usually (the stickier the better). Roll the rice into a ball (about your palm). Poke a whole with your finger and put a little piece of umeboshi plum in the middle. If you are able to have almond butters right now, you can spread some onto the nori sheet. Place the ball in the middle of the nori and roll it up with it. Use water to wet your hands and make the nori stick completely around the ball. The nori and umeboshi preserve the rice and it's very easy to travel with. It will give you a nice base energy in the middle of the day. The almond butter really adds a tasty touch (if you can handle it).

Health Benefits Breakdown:
  • The rice is a whole grain. As a complex carbohydrate it will keep your body energized without the highs and the low peeks.
  • The Nori replenishes the minerals you need throughout the day.
  • The umeboshi plum will keep you akaline and blood sugar regulated.
  • The almond butter is a great source of protein if you need that extra kick. Making this an overall complete meal.

Enjoy and safe travels!


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