Lentil Tofu Burger with Mashed Yam and Squash

Feel like you're missing out on meat? This is your fix!

I, for one, have always been a HUGE Burger fan. And even still I get cravings for them. Me and Jane had some leftover Lentil soup one day and decided to have a little fun with tofu.

So here's what you do:

If you don't have leftover lentil soup, pre-cook some lentils and let sit till all water is absorbed. (Just boil in water 2:1 and be sure to add the salt towards the end of the cooking.) Although, my soup was made tastier with carrots, onions, garlic, etc... Crumble some tofu which has been pre-steamed. Especially if you have any type of digestive issues you always want to steam the tofu first. You can portion off the amount of tofu you use to the amount of lentils you have. You want to do maybe 2/3 tofu to 1/3 lentils.

Place tofu and lentils in a large bowl and add your seasonings:

-garlic (minced)
-garlic powder
Love my italian seasonings

If you like things spicy you can always add:

-chile powder
These make a more mexican flavored burger

I wish I can tell you exactly what and how much I put in there but it was so spontaneous that I can't even remember. I strongly encourage you to play. Use foods that you love and portion off to how much you actually want to taste them.

Once you have all your ingredients in your bowl you really want to mix them together to get the flavor even. I use my hands (pre-washed, thanks). To make the ingredients stick together you need to add flour (we used corn flour). Don't be shy with this. Watching Jane, we realized the more the better to make a really good burger. You really need to pack it in tight to get them to stick. I left the hardest part for Jane because she's a pro at this.

Once we had amazing patties (that looked exactly like burger patties) we oiled a pan and fried them up. Because they were so thick we wanted to make sure they cooked all the way through so we covered them with a top. This helps keep the warmth in, almost like baking.

When they're golden (and cooked in the middle) they're done! We had yummy seasame whole wheat buns from Whole Foods. Added some condiments (Annie's Dejoun Mustard, Organic Mayo, Organic Ketchup and some Bubbies Cole slaw) and we had an AMAZING BURGER!

As for the Squash and Yam Mash....I think that's pretty self explanatory. I steamed the the Squash for a bit longer before I put the Yams in. Then mash away!

Try it!


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