Kinpira; the importance of burdock you say?

Tuesday's cooking class went great! Here's a clip on Kinpira style cooking.

Kinpira is an extremely healing dish and chose to teach it on Tuesday's class. Made with carrots and burdock, the root veggies are know for their deep energy. The sweetness of the carrots balance the deep bitter burdock. Kinpira style cooking is when the vegetables are cut in to matchstick like pieces and sautéed.

Now, I know you're wondering, "what the bleep is Burdock?" Burdock is one of the strongest vegetables you can find in this world. Nothing grows within 4-ft of it. It's root grows deep deep into the ground, breaking through anything that gets in it's way. Let's say there was a rock deep in the ground, the burdock root would break through the rock and keep growing. (Wouldn't want to be caught dead with something that strong).

Some of the benefits of eating burdock are:
- one of the strongest blood purifiers
- improves digestion
- promotes absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes.
- promotes healing of wounds
- balances low energy
- improves skin conditions (like eczema)

...just to name a few. So what have we learned here? Go out to your local Chinese food store and pick up some Burdock (although they call it Gobo root). If you're thinking, "this dead twig I'm holding, is this it?" you've found the right vegetable. This ugly root will make you beautiful on the inside and OUT.

Enjoy! and Try it!


  1. I wonder if it is the same burdock, used in the drink "Dandelion and Burdock" it sort of reminds me of sasparilla root, if that is what is used for root beer. Interesting posts, a friend of mine has Crohns.

  2. Luigi - here is the rest of the post for you to re-read. If you're friend lives in the NYC area encourage them to come to one of my cooking classes. It would be a great experience for them.

  3. Special Thank You to Jennifer who film my little clip ;)

  4. I learned so much from reading this?? Very helpful and I look forward to a cooking class.


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