Use the word "Macrobiotic"

How exciting is this!

I walk into Whole Foods today...I always go to the hot/cold salad bar....and I see there is now a MACROBIOTIC section!

Not just Vegetarian, Not just Vegan...

I think this is a huge turning point that a large corporate industry such as Whole Foods can promote the word Macrobiotic. Hopefully other people who see this can question it, maybe even look for more research and information.

Be sure to check out Whole Foods in your own area. I must say it wasn't the best selection of food but it's a start.
Now it's your job to spread the word and forward this blog!


  1. Which whole foods?????

  2. This was taken at the Whole Foods in the Time Warner Building in Columbus Circle. For those of you out of state, it's 59th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

    The food choices weren't the greatest but I really think this is a start.

  3. I am in there all the time. I better look harder. Mana is good, too.

  4. hey marisa do you remember meeting me at Ginny's house that is so cool that they have that in New York, we need one of those here . I'm starting my own blog too I'm glad I'm glad you are doing well.



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