Disney Go's VEGAN!?!?

Hey Everyone!

Big appologizes for not posting in a while. However, if it's any excuse I've been in Disney World for the past week! For those who know me, this is where all my dreams come true....except when it comes to food.

It's not easy to travel especially when you're macro. Sometimes you deal with time differences, and you're eating hours are off. Or there is no food available so you'll just have to wait till you land somewhere comfortably to grab a bit. Or, and this is my favorite, if you live anyway outside New York City, places actually close down before midnight so food is not available anywhere and you need to go to bed on an empty stomach. =( You probably guessed that's what happened to us when our flight go in at 10:00pm and we didn't get to the hotel till almost 11:30pm. The only place that was open was the McDonalds (convinently located on Disney grounds). We decided to wait till morning to eat.

Next morning we go down to the cafe area and look at the menu. It read, meat, meat, chicken, chicken salad, meat, cheese dish, cheese dish, and "what's that" a VEGGIE BUGER? Yes! Disney has finally put a Veggie Burger for us on the menu. And let me tell you, it's pretty damn good! This is offered at pretty much all the park cafe's. We had veggie burgers in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and All Star Sports Resorts. Now if you're lucky, sometimes the Cafe's have salad buffets where you can get freshes sauteed mushrooms, onions, pickles, lettuce, etc etc. Me and Hyde had a feast. Fresh Veggies??! And if you don't want to splurge on the side on French Fries, they now had the option of fresh Apple Slices. Hmm. This goes great in the 98-degree heat we were walking around in all day.

Overall I did my very best to stay on track with food. The hardest part are the mornings because I can't have oatmeal and their grits have major butter in them. Other options are baked items like bagels, muffins, crossoinants....

Here's another amazing thing Disney does these days. I had made a bunch of dinner reservations for the week. I happen to mention to the Disney Representative that I'm kinda sorta like Vegan (didn't feel like going into a macro story at that moment). When we got to our reservation for that day, the ticket had my name and under in CAP letters it said, VEGAN, FOOD ALLEGIES, SPECIAL MEAL. The waitress immediately came up to us and said "Oh! Food Allergies! Do you need to speak to the chef!" At that time I had already picked out my fish dish with pasta. "Oh no, that's okay thank you." But she insisted "are you sure? you're vegan, you want the fish? I can bring a chef" I simply assured her "no, no this is just fine" didn't want to make a sence as she was being rather loud in this restaurant and I really was looking forward to the dish I selected. But non-the-less, it was so great to know that all you need to do is say the word "food allergies" and immediately they will make any type of accommodations for you.

Go Disney! Go Disney!

Only regret is I wasn't able to take pictures of all the food choices I ate for the week. So instead, enjoy a picture of me and Hyde on Splash Mountain.


  1. I like the look of terror on the couple ahead of you. lol.


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