Christina Fights for the REAL Breast Cancer Cure!

Christina Pirello has done it again. Not only is she a great role model as a healthy chef, but she speaks her mind, too!

As most of us know, October is as Breast Cancer Awareness month. This article was released in the beginning October in the Huffington Post Blog. I got so excited reading it! Titled, "Cure? They Don't Want No Stinkin Cure," Christina expresses concerns about corporations making so much money off of "fundraising" for diseases. But, why would they want to cure something that keeps them in business? You would think, after the MILLIONS of dollars raised each year for Breast Cancer, and other noble causes, shouldn't researchers be on the brink of finding a cure? Please don't misconstrue her words, she is not speaking poorly of the amazing women who have fought, survived, and lost their lives to Breast Cancer. She only points out the lack of information on PREVENTION! There is a HUGE lack of information on healthy eating. What is it exactly? And, what's considered healthy food choices? With sponsors such as M&M, Pillsbury, General Mills, etc., you can see how people might be confused.
I would also like to point out that this article should not single out Breast Cancer or Cancer organizations in general. For two years, I was proudly on the board to NYC's Walk-For-A-Cure with CCFA (The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America). As an Ulcerative Colitis warrior, I was eager to devote my efforts to fundraising and activism so that a cure could be found for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. So eager, it was originally my motivation to compete in pageants. Four years ago this seemed like the logical way in helping to make a difference in this world. After two years of supporting selected research projects, the entire Walk Board finally learned what exactly our money ($100,000 that year) was going towards.
Are you ready for this?
Our entire donation was paying the salary of ONE researcher who was working on creating another drug that could possibly assist in reducing inflammation. That's it. It wasn't even a project specified for IBD patients. I was shocked! Angry! Confused! How can a huge organization believe this was actually making a difference? By this point, I was living symptom free, MEDICATION free, enjoying my brown rice and hummus. Why would I be interested in funding the creation of another drug when all I wanted to know was how this disease happened to me in the first place? Not to mention, where did I go wrong in treatments before I discovered Macrobiotics? That was the last year I was part of CCFA's walk. I would no longer raise money towards something that is not directly related to its cause.

So finally, here's the Huffington Post article. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Thanks for reading!


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