Who Said Seaweed Can't Be a Delicious Casserole?

Wakame Casserole pg. 198 in Christina Cooks The Whole Foods Way

First I'd like to say to all you NON-seaweeders out there: YOU SO HAVE TO TRY THIS DISH!

I must say this was probably the coolest dish I've made so far. It just looked yummy in the platter. Somewhere between a Tuna Casserole and a Tiramasu (according the Hyde).

Where do I start: When making the Tofu/Tahini cream it reminded me so much of cheesy creaming pudding. Can you tell how much I used to love cheese, I'm always talking about or comparing food to it. For some helpful pointers, I had to add a little water in the food processor in order for it to "process." Just very little, to make it creamy.

Another helpful tip. I could have used a little more shoyu sauce when seasoning. So, what the recipe really calls for is a generous amount of shoyu sauce when adding. Remember, there isn't any salt in any other part of the recipe.

I don't own a true casserole platter, just the bottom without a top. When you bake this it calls for you to cover it, but obviously I couldn't do that. I baked it as is, uncovered for 35 minutes. Seemed fine to me.

I really liked this dish overall. Again, I'm trying to keep a good amount of seaweed and tofu in my diet these weeks as it helps with reproductive organs. This is truly the perfect dish. And visually appealing too =)

Try It!


  1. I love seaweed, but I've never tried it in a casserole form. Interesting dish. Thanks for sharing.


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