Labor Day Weekend at Mom and Dad's.

Visiting my parent's for Labor Day Weekend fun, Mom said to me "I got mushrooms I want to use before they go bad"

I quickly flipped through Christina's Book, I found a Creamy Mushroom Sauce. Pg. 274

I wanted a nice grain to go with this particular meal so I decided to put it over Quinoa. Combined with some fried fish (which Mom insisted on making for my dad) and some steamed greens, the meal came together quite nicely.

This was going to be a quick meal to put together so we definitely didn't have time to prepare the Mushroom Stock that Christina uses. Although, I'm sure that would have made it even more delicious, I substituted vegetable stock from a box. (It was organic and healthy and the best I could do at that time). Take note, when using products that come in boxes or cans, they include a high sodium. Adjust your recipes accordingly as to not over use salt. I left out the additional salt for this recipes because I knew it wouldn't need it.

A lovely meal that even my Dad ate. I highly recommend this sauce for pasta next time.


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