Risotto with a little Squash Flare

Butternut Squash Risotto. pg 56 in Christina Cooks the Whole Foods Way. Yum Yum Yum!!!

okay, I am going to reveal the secret ingredient in the spectacular recipe.

Drum roll please...............................Nutmeg!

Hope that wasn't too much information.......Just a few sprinkles of nutmeg and the whole meal was turned upside down. I didn't even know I liked nutmeg till tonight. I only sprinkled about 2 pinches over the whole entree and you taste every bit of it. I actually reccommend using less if you're unsure. Nutmeg seems to be one of those ingredients that you tastes with every drop.

I was so excited about this dish, I really didn't think it was going to come out good at all. At one point I was begging to it "Please don't burn, Please don't burn" Who says you can't talk to your food? That good little risotto perked up in no time and lived up to it's name.

Helpful Tips:

The risotto sticks to the bottom of the skillet very quickly. When she says stir constantely she means it. Make sure the risotto doesn't ever stick, you want it as fluffy as possible.

I substituted store bought vegetable stock in this meal. (I know this is the second time I've done that) One of these days I will make that vegetable stock and use it. Usually I would be hesitant with the salt flavoring as there is a lot of sodium in the store-bought-stock. However, I used a generous amount of salt as Christina suggested and I think it was just the right amount. You be the judge.

Another rather important ingredient is the white wine. Be sure to use one with a good taste, maybe not so dry. And be sure there's no nutty flavors in it. (Okay, I'm sure you're asking about now, how the hell do I know this? I'm supposed to be the girl who knows nothing. And this is true, except for the fact that I walked into the wine store today and asked the clerk "um, what's a good wine to cook with?" Yeah, the answer is ANY wine, Duh!) I rather liked my choice and it made for a good drink with the meal as well.

Overall, to balance this meal, I had my Risotto (whole grain) with Butternut Squash (round veggie) and my Wakame Casserole (sea veggie and protein) and a side of steamed kale (leafy greens). Take a look a the pics, I think it was quite beautiful and most importantly DELICOUS!!

Try it!

Here's what Hyde had to say about it:


  1. I agree about using a good wine, if it isn't good enough to drink, it certainly isn't good enough to cook with.

  2. I just made risotto with sweet potatoes - another fall treat! Looks delicious!

  3. I've never tried it with squash! Thats sounds delish.


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