Birthday Blues

Don't be misled by the title, I've actually had a WONDERFUL Birthday! Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and great friends.

I wanted to write this post about my Italian Cuisine last night. My boyfriend took me out for dinner last night at one of my favorite Italian Restaurants. I was all ready for a delicious Italian meal. "Forget Diet" I told him, "we're doing sauce and cheese tonight!" Hey, for once a year I thought I deserved a little splurge.

We ordered the Baked Clams, Cesar Salad, Chicken Rollitini and Rigatoni alla Vodka. mmMMMmmm. In the past, these have been some of my favorite entrees (particularly from this restaurant). Honestly, I haven't eaten a meal like this in quite some time. Turns out, it wasn't what I expected. Mixed with Italian wine, this meal turned out to be a lot more to handle than I thought.

After eating a macrobiotic balanced diet for all these years, my taste buds seemed to have changed. Instead of craving the foods I've grown up on (cheese, meat and more cheese) I find myself craving more complete meals. Without the balanced leafy green vegetables or a side of pickled diakon, that Chicken Rollitini didn't seem as settling. Fascinating!

This doesn't mean I'll never eat Chicken again, or I'll never have a piece of cheese. However, I've just found that those comfort foods are not really necessary to get that complete satisfaction. A good meal is something that gives you satisfaction afterwards, not during. In fact, it doesn't really give you satisfaction at all, maybe a little tummy-ache.

I'm sticking to my macro diet and to Christina's Cook Book! Can't wait to cook another balanced meal!



  1. Happy Birthday!! Love the pictures on your blog. Thanks Kathy.

  2. Happy Birthday, Marisa!!

    I enjoyed reading your blog, how wonderful!:)

  3. Happy Birthday! yes im late! I know, I know!


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