Amazed by my Glazed...Apple Dessert

Finally!!! My first Dessert! I know this is long over due. I've had a few people ask me about desserts, and yes there are plenty and plenty good to eat.

I decided to start simple, with a night Autumn fruit, the Apple. The Glazed Apples sounded perfect, pg. 318 of Christina Cooks The Whole Foods Way. I already had the ingredients in the house so I didn't have to purchase anything special.

So really, this was pretty self explanatory, pre-heat the oven, cut up the apples, make an apple juice glaze and bake =) The special top is the roasted almonds on top for extra flavor and crunch.

Yum Yum. Try it!
The aftermath:


  1. this seems like a nice dessert! i wanted to know, how are you able to enable "reactions" in your blog? i would like that for mine as well! keep up the good work!


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