A little this, A little dulse.

What is dulse anyway? Honestly, it's one of the seaweeds I've never had much "experience" with. Apparently, you don't even have to cook it. Just toss it in water and rinse? Sure, easy enough.

Tonight I made Christina's Dulse with Corn and Broccoli - pg. 197 from Cooking the Whole Foods Way.

If you're looking for something really really fast and easy, this is your recipe. Literally took me 5 minutes to make. That is, after you cut up the broccoli. And if you don't want to shave the kernels off the cob, then just use frozen corn. I happen to have some fresh corn in the frig which I just picked up on sale. Yippee!

I've been making a bunch of pasta dishes lately, which are perfectly fine, except you need to listen to your body. Pasta is obviously a processed grain. Remember, everything in moderation, so too much of it can not be good. Also, an important part of eating balanced is including those whole grains (grains in their whole form). So, tonight I made some simple rice. But to add a little interest, I split it half short grain brown rice, and half sweet brown rice. Sweet brown rice is what they make Mochi with. Um....you're probably going "huh" right now. For those of you who aren't familiar with Mochi I promise to get into that at a later time.

The rice came out delightful, had it soaking since this after noon (very important to soak your grains!) When it was done, you can just sprinkle it with some gomasio (a condiment made from sesame seeds and sea salt). Guys, come on, I store bought it.

I also made one of my usual (pre-Christina) tempeh dishes. I just steamed up the tempeh, cut into equal pieces and sauteed with sauerkraut juice (cover the top). Hmmmm mmmm. I have developed such a craving for this recipe over time. Don't forget to sprinkle some sauerkraut on top of it when you serve it. It's also good to add just a little umeboshi vinegar.

And that was my meal, simple, pretty quick. Actually, you might find this funny, I put the rice up to cook on very low heat and took off for a run while it was cooking. Now, I don't recommend this for first-time rice cookers. I'm proud to save rice is one thing I've had to cook so many times that I'm comfortable with. If you're going to leave your stove...just make sure there is plenty of water in the pot. Rice will always absorb the water, but too little you might come home to smoke in your kitchen.

There you have it, just another typical day in the life of Marisa.

Try it!


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