The Famous Chilean Sea Bass

Hmmmm Fish!!

Okay all you hardcore macros out there, yes, I eat fish and I love it!

I'm a firm believer that everything in moderation is good for you. And as long as it's good quality food, cooked with a well-balanced meal, it will sit perfectly well with you and it can be quite a treat.

I must give a Huge Thanks out to my Mom for this meal, for without her, there would have been no Sea Bass. So here we go:

I know I said I was going to cook my way through Christina Pirello's Cookbooks, and I am...however I sort of concockted this recipe on my own. Through inspiration of Google's finest Sea Bass recipes, this is what I settled on:

1lb of Chilean Sea Bass, kept in a whole piece

To create a marinated I used:
1/3 cup of saki
1/3 cup of Mirin (a Japanese like wine)
1/3 cup of Miso (sweet white miso)
1 tbsp of shoyu sauce (or soy sauce)
2 tsp of brown rice syrup (I don't use sugar, so this is an excellent sweetener)

I mixed the ingredients in a bowl, adding the miso last. The miso must dissolve completely in the liquids. A wisk helps.

Put the Sea Bass in a bowl and cover with the marinate. Let sit in the frig for a few hours. The longer it marinated the more it will absorb. I had mine sit for about 3 hours, it can go for 4 too.

When it's ready to cook, I put it in a pan with the marinade. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

I diced up about a half an onion and sauted it in just a few tsp of extra virgin olive oil just till they were almost cooked. The hint I got was when you can smell sweet onions they are ready. I transfered the onions to the Sea Bass so they sat on top and made a nice cover.

Place the Sea Bass in oven and bake for about 25 minutes. Check middle of Sea Bass to make sure it's cooked and not raw. Although the tender the better.

Oh. My. God! This was some of the best Sea Bass I've ever eatten!! And to put it to the ulimate test, I had 2 Chileans test it out. I mean who would know better. Just so happens 1 of them was my wonderful boyfriend, and the other his wonderful sister who happens to be one of the finest whole foods chefs ever!

5 stars all the way!!!

Try it, you'll love it!


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