The Divine Pasta Dish...more Basil!

I had all this leftover Basil from my parents' backyard that I wanted to use. So I flipped through Christina's book and found the perfect recipe (to go with my Chilean Sea Bass of course)

Fusilli with Basil and Kale
pg. 224 of Cooking The Whole Foods Way.

What a treat!! I must say, this one took more work then I thought it would. There's a lot of chopping involved, a lot of paying attention to detail. This is NOT the recipe you can just throw in the pan and walk away. You need to consistantly be standing over the stove and ever minute or 2 throw another ingredient into the pan. I don't know about you but those recipes always make me nervous. I'm always afraid I'm going to turn around and the pan's going to be black with flames coming out of it. Ah!

Here's a tip that I thought was really helpful. READ THE RECIPE AHEAD OF TIME!
Um, Duh! Yea, I don't always do that, big down fall. And here's another tip, it was really helpful to read all the ingredients, amount, and descriptions of how they should be cut before hand and do the preparation first. If you don't, you'll never have enough time to prepare this dish the correct way. (Smokes will definitely be happening for you). I just bought these little preparation bowls and I love them! Makes me feel so professional in the kitchen =)

In the end, I must say this dish was delightfully, light and yummy. The sauce doesn't come out to be a heavy pasta sauce. In fact, I was first afraid I made too much Fusilli with it. But when you mix it all together it turns out to be just the perfect amount of sauce that doesn't over power but it so incredibly tasty! And I didn't have to prepare a separate "greens" dish because the Kale is mixed right in.

Anything else I want to say? Oh yea! Take her word when it says serve ready away. It was best right hot out of the pan. =0

Just thinking about it is making me hungry all over again......

Try it out!!


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