Crazy Idea!

A new "crazy" idea for a Blog came to me tonight, after cooking another delicious meal from Christina Pirello's Whole Foods Cookbooks. Ridiculously inspired after the movie that just came out "Julie & Julia". For those of you not familiar, this girl Julie (looking for her life's purpose) decides to cook her way through Julia Child's Cookbook and then writes a Blog on it.

I'm going to cook my way through Christina Pirello's Cookbooks! And inspire all to live Happy Healthy and Whole Lives! (in theory.....Or, I'm going to be the next person to create a ridiculous blog which serves absolutely no purpose other than taking up space in cyberland.)

Let's be positive! I'm a girl with absolutely NO COOKING EXPERIENCE WHAT SO EVER! Aside from what I've taught myself (following word for word recipes) I have no idea what half the ingredients are. Not to long ago, I didn't even know how to boil rice. Boil?

However, I've always LOVED to eat...the Italiano Way. Pasta Pasta and more Pasta were my 3 favorite food groups. I know food and I know what I like. It wasn't too long ago that I was a Meat and Cheese lover. If either of those was not include (with my pasta) than it wasn't a complete meal. It wasn't till a huge life altering wake up call that forced me to seek alternate ways of eatting, did I realize what food is all about. When don't live to eat, we eat to live! Our bodies are our temple, and we should respect everything we feed it. However, who says we can't enjoy ourselves at the same time?

After finding Macrobiotics and healing myself from the incurable Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I'm ready to branch out and start enjoying my food again. That's where I've found Christina Pirello. I'm Italian, she's Italian...I get it! We live to eat! So why not eat delicous wholesome foods that can nurious us, give us great energy, and allow us to live fulfilled lives.

Hopefully this blog with give some useful insight from the perspective of someone who really knows nothing, other than her own life experiences. Like the saying, if I can do it...anyone can do it. With a little bit of humor, sacasim, and sometimes a life lesson, here's to a journey in the making.

Bon Appetit!


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