Breaking in the kitchen.

On Saturday I bought Christina Pirello's book, "Cooking The Whole Foods Way." It's actually the older version of "Now 100% Vegan!" However, it was the last book left in the store and it looked like a great place to start...and here we go.

Meal #1
My first meal was inspired by the basil leaves that my father INSISTED were the most delicious smelling leaves he's ever smelt. .....??? If that makes sense. But they were quite good. So, being the Italiano I am, obviously the first recipe called for PESTO!

pg. 278 - Fresh Basil Pesto.

So simple, Sooooo delicious! I couldn't believe this was actually good for you. Something this good has to be oh so bad.

Few mistakes popped up:
1 - accidentally misread the teaspoons for tablespoons. Came out a bit extra saltier than called for. (Hey! I said I had no idea how to cook!)
2 - I didn't have the avocado oil it called for so I used extra virgin olive oil instead. I don't really know the difference but it tasted just fine to me. I'm sure if you speak to Christina directly she'll have some explaintion for you.

All and all my Bullet Blender works magical. About 4 minutes later I had a creamy yummy pesto! I made my favorite "healthy" pasta. Udon Noodles (I think they taste just like linguine) and saturated them in my pesto and Wha La! I had an unbelieveable Italian Pasta dish.

Try it!


  1. I love your new blog! However, may I correct your French? It should be Voila (technically with an accent over the a) and not Wha La... :-)


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