Sunday, December 23, 2012

Travel Foods!

I always get asked about food while traveling:

What do I eat?
Do I bring food?
What do I made that easy to travel with?
How do I carry it?

Here it is! I call it Sushi-a-go-go!
Homemade tempeh, avocado, ume rolls.

Sushi is always so great on the go for many reasons.

- It's a complete meal. You can get your grain, veggies, and some high minerals packed in one.
- You don't need utensils to each it and its not messy.
- The nori almost acts as a preservative. Don't cut the sushi until you're almost ready to eat it. It will last longer. And it doesn't need to be refrigerated.

Packed in a leftover "to go" box. Yes, it's plastic but as look as you don't put anything too hot in them it's fine. Also makes it easier to dispose when it's empty.

For someone as "on the go" as me, I couldn't get through without my food.

I'm off...up up and away!

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