Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Billionaire Who Is Planning to live to 125....BY EATING HIS WAY TO HEALTH!

Hey Folks -

I accidentally came across this article in a little research project.  The title caught my eye...and as I started to read on, I realized this guy is really living by "macrobiotic principles!"

Check out the article here:  New York Times: The Billionaire Who Is Planning His 125th Birthday

Here's the paragraph that I really loved:

“I never have anything go wrong,” he said later. “Never have a backache. Never have a headache. Never have anything else.” This would make him a lucky man no matter his age. Because he is 87, it makes him an unusually robust specimen, which is what he must be if he is to defy the odds (and maybe even the gods) and live as long as he intends to. He wants to reach 125, and sees no reason he can’t, provided that he continues eating the way he has for the last quarter century: with a methodical, messianic correctness that he believes can, and will, ward off major disease and minor ailment alike. 

Amazing isn't it!  I hope to live every day with these principles too.  

Further research:  Looks like he appeared on Oprah in 2009!  Watch Video Here:

Hope this inspires your day (even just a little).

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