Crohns & Colitis Support

Crohn's/Colitis Support Group

The next Meet-up is scheduled for Wednesday, August 11th @ 7pm

New York City
(email for details and to sign up)

Dear New Yorkers -

I know so many others are still suffering with Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or other Inflammatory Diseases.  I've received many asks of gudiance from children, teens, and adults who have heard my success story.  It's been so important to me to share my experiences with others so they too can know THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!

Often doctors say "medication is the only option" or "sugery will cure it all."  I am no way a doctor or an alternate to professional advice.  What I'm hear to share is my knowledge of food and how I used it to change my health.  I never completely shyed away from doctors, but I never settled for their only advice.

Join me to at my support group to meet others who are going through the same experiences you are.  Learn how together we can support each other and that you're not alone.

Looking forward to sharing wtih you all each month.

Hopeful wishes,